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    We supply superior products and satisfactory services with competitive price to cut down our clients' purchasing costs and save our clients' valuable time by our following strengths:

    1) More than 20 years’ experiences in tantalum /niobium and its alloy smelting and deep processing, we make sure that we can provide you with the best quality products with more competitive price than our peers. And we make sure to supply you the products better than international standards.

    2) We have entered a long-term contract with the Chinese biggest tantalum/niobium hydrometallurgy smelter to assure our stable and high quality raw material. And we make sure that wedon’t buy any sources so called conflict mineral, instead we only purchase tantalum and niobium raw materials from ethically trustworthy source is officially confirmed by EICC certificate.

    3)The full and strict quality control system throughout the whole production line from the raw material till the products ready for delivery, we reject the unqualified products timely to make sure only qualified products will be received by our customers.

    4) We offer various kinds of services to our customers such as OEM, forging services, sintering services, laser cutting services, rolling services, milling services, trade in services etc. Please feel free to send us the enquiries as long as you require services.

    5) We have been verified by ISO 9001Quality Management System Authentication.

    6) We now own advanced equipments such as EB furnace, high vacuum Annealing Furnace, plate and strip rolling mill, milling machine, sawing machine, high precision surface grinding machine, wire cutting machine etc. Advanced equipment not only produces our fine quality products but also ensure us provide the processing services such as smelting, forging services, sintering services, laser cutting services, rolling services, milling services etc.

    7) We also provide you the trade in service for used sputtering targets. We can recover your used sputtering targets to help you with supplying a same new one with lowest price.

    8) We promise our raw materials are conflict-free.

    We are always open and welcoming your inquiries or business requirements and ideas for a further discussion and cooperation. We will devote ourselves to give you our finest solution and products for a win-win business partnership.